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We’re pleased to share another milestone in our ongoing commitment to safety. Our Health and Safety Manager, George, has recently completed the Fire Door Inspection course, adding another layer of expertise.

Today, we explore the significance of our company’s dual certifications in Fire Door Installation and Inspection and the amplified benefits for our company and customers.
Double Certification: Installation and Inspection
Having previously completed the fire door installation course, and now George’s recent success in the inspection course showcases a comprehensive skill set that covers two crucial areas of fire doors – pre and post-installation inspection and installations.
The Benefits for Our Company:
Holistic Safety Approach: With proficiency in installation and inspection, our company embraces a holistic approach to fire safety. This dual expertise ensures that every aspect of our fire doors, from initial setup to routine evaluations, meets and exceeds industry standards.
Regulatory Adherence: Having experts well-versed in installation and inspection significantly contributes to our regulatory compliance.
Educational Empowerment: Dual expertise offers our team a unique educational advantage. They can tap into this wealth of knowledge for guidance on installing and inspecting fire doors, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.
The Benefits for Our Customers:
• Unmatched Assurance: With dual certification, our customers enjoy unparalleled assurance. From installation to routine inspections, they can trust in the expertise behind our fire safety measures.
• Long-Term Satisfaction: The combined installation and inspection proficiency ensures that our fire doors are effective over time, contributing to long-term customer satisfaction and safety.
Combining the previously undertaken fire door installation training and George’s successful completion of the Fire Door Inspection course is a milestone we celebrate with pride. This double certification reinforces our commitment to safety and positions us as a leader in comprehensive fire door solutions. As we continue to prioritise the well-being of our team, customers and our customers customers, our expertise stands as a symbol of our dedication to maintaining the highest safety standards.

While waiting for his Fire Door Inspection certificate, George is also undergoing the Fire Risk Assessment training, and we will update you with the outcome shortly.