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As promised an update following the Double Certification: Fire Door Installation and the Fire Door Inspection posts earlier this year, and how those certifications benefit both you as clients and ourselves.

As we celebrate recent achievements in fire safety, including becoming Fire Door Accredited Installers and Fire Door Inspection experts we are pleased to announce the latest addition to our repertoire: George has now successfully gained the Fire Risk Assessment certification.

Aligned with the Fire Sector Federation ACoP A National Framework for Fire Risk Assessor Competency, the Fire Risk Assessment certification empowers George and the Linear Contracts team with comprehensive knowledge and skills in three vital areas for ensuring fire safety in the built environment.

Learning Outcomes:

By completing this course, we:

  • Understand how to assess the risk of fire in the built environment, encompassing various factors such as ignition sources and fire behaviour.
  • Gained insights into fire prevention strategies and regulations, referencing the Fire Safety Law for England and Wales.
  • Grasped the effects of fire on individuals and human behaviour in fire situations, enhancing their ability to devise effective safety measures.
  • Acquired knowledge of fire protection measures, including passive fire compartmentation and active fire systems.
  • Are proficient in referencing appropriate guidance documents to ensure adherence to industry standards.
  • Understand means of escape and the management of fire safety in diverse built environments.

With these three certifications in Fire Door Installation, Inspection, and now achieving Fire Risk Assessment, we solidify our commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards.

Congratulations George. These achievements enhance our expertise and reinforce our position in providing comprehensive Fire Safety Solutions.