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The heading commercial covers many types of businesses for professional services to head offices of online and retail services and stores.

Presenting the right images and perception is essential to attract and maintain customers and a working environment that will retain existing teams and attract staff.

In today’s commercial sectors, we see a more creative approach to interior and exterior refurbishments and relocations using colour and different materials and finishes to be sustainable, professional, functional and pleasing.

We understand the reliance on a timely and well-planned project with minimal disruption. As principal Contractors, Linear Contracts manage multiple projects with clients delivering again requirements and agreed timelines and budgets.

Many contractors are not equipped or able to undertake all aspects of refurbishment or new build-and-fit projects and focus on specific areas like groundwork or brickwork. Linear Contracts look at the whole project rather than elements in isolation which in turn help you when planning and undertaking your project as each area works seamlessly together from the planning through to hand over.

Not just bricks and mortar, the complete project is ready for your teams to step inside and start working. We have managed and delivered projects where we have fitted the desks, the computers are in place, phones are plugged in, and lights are on.

It starts with a call to Linear Contracts.