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Working with landlords and tenants to ensure your spaces are returned to their original condition as part of a tenancy agreement or lease. Having many years of experience in this area, we have been able to help both parties to agree and conclude dilapidated refurbishments quickly and painlessly.

We work with tenants and landlords to undertake the required work to return the premises to their original state.

Following the specification set out in your agreement and the condition of the premises, we would assess and look at what would be required to return the property to its required standard. Typically the tasks could include repair, removal, reinstatement and decorating the following: walls/partition walls, flooring, ceilings, doors and entry points, plumbing and electrical works. Glazing and roof repairs are sometimes also required.

The costs depend on how well the premises has been maintained during the lease/rented period, whether industrial, commercial, retail or other sector use and the size of the space to be refurbished.

Once all works have been completed, and the premises are back to the agreed specification, we can fit out the space to make it more attractive to potential companies to rent or prepare for a sale should you wish to sell off the promises.

Whatever you need as a tenant or a landlord regarding dilapidations, call Linear Contracts before you decide how best to move forward.