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We at Linear contracts have already seen an increase in projects awarded to us, and managing and delivering multiple projects up and down the country has made it a busy year. As a business, we have combined the skills and expertise to create a company focused on delivering value for clients and helping them gain the most from their premises and environments. Across commercial, retail, industrial and other service sectors, we provide more than just the skilled teams to do the work.

We assist in the design and planning stages to help ensure that the agreed deliverables are achievable and are completed safely, on time and budget. For landlords and businesses at the end of lease term contracts, we ensure the premises are as per the agreement and leased again quickly. We also help those moving to new premises make it a perfect business space.

During this busy time, we realised our website didn’t represent our brand accurately as a competent, professional business.

We required a tool to showcase who we are and the benefits we bring to customers looking to develop and refurbish business premises, along with dilapidated projects for end-of-term leases and contracts.

So we sought professional help to present our brand effectively as a full-service principal contractor.

Thank you, David Mitchell and his team at the marketing people for the consultations, advice, scoping and planning that enabled us to provide the required information for you to create the words and design an easy-to-use, responsive website and business tool to promote our business. I suppose it’s like our business; people don’t realise the disciplines, skills, qualifications, experience and expertise required to do a job properly. It ticks all of the boxes for us, and best of all, we have been able to focus on our clients and what we are skilled at while the website was designed and built. I am sure this will help us develop more relationships and gain projects as we continue to grow, and the marketing people will probably be managing blogs and social as we will be too busy!. 

Have a look around and get in touch for more details. It all starts with a call to linear.