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Client requirement:

Provide the specification and quote for the Industrial Mezzanine floor.

Ensure minimum disruption to operations while completing the required Mezzanine and related elements and services.

Project awarded to Linear Contracts:

Commenced Monday 22nd May – Completed Friday 3rd June.

Below is the submitted specification Linear provided for the project.

Mezzanine – Steel Grated Spec

1 No. Mezzanine Floor

Floor Load Capacity: Live Load: 4.8 kN/m² | Dead + Service Load: 0.45 kN/m²

Maximum Deflection: Beams – L/200 | Joists – L/200

Floor Dimensions: 12.00m x 37.00m

Number of Tiers: 1

Total Floor Area: 444.00 m² (inclusive of add-ons/cutouts)

Floor Height(s) in mm: 4000

Floor Depths: 600mm

Column Grid: 1 x 10 Bays (Beams x Joists)

Baseplates (Internal): 200 x 200 x 10mm | (Edge): 300 x 300 x 20mm

Maximum Unfactored Load: 120.52 kN | Slab Specification required for the above baseplates: Concrete slab thickness 150 mm &

minimum ground bearing pressure 100 kN/m² (See T&Cs Clause 13)

Decking Type/Material – 30 x 4mm Open Steel Grating – Galvanised (34/100) 2400x600x30mm – Finish: As Sold/Detailed

Utility Staircase

2 No. Utility Staircase

200 x 10 Flat stringers to suit a deck height of 4000mm

1000mm wide durbar plate treads with contrasting nosings

170mm rise & 250mm going

Stringers finished in wet gloss (standard colour)

Treads finished in wet gloss (standard colour)

Mid-landing NOT included

Double top-landing included

30 linear metres of Industrial Type Staircase Handrail (2)

900mm high handrail, side-mounted bases with 2x hand/knee rails.

Hand and knee rails are by fully welding rails to posts.

Kickflat has not been included in this price.ª

Handrail Finishes; standard colour wet gloss posts, wet gloss rails, and if included wet gloss infills.

98 l/mtr of Industrial Handrail

1100mm high standard industrial handrail

50×50 SHS uprights, RAL 7024 powder-coated finish

2x Hand/knee galvanised rails through lasered holes on uprights

Galvanised kickflat is included

Waste Management

Waste Management (price per 8-yard waste skip)

Safety System by Faset Approved Installer

Faset Approved Safety Netting and 3-Rail Safety Handrail to all open edges to protect from falls (Install and De-Rig).

The whole project was managed and completed with minimum disruption and to the agreed specification in a short timeframe and to budget. Left clean, tidy, and ready for use.