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Linear Contracts, since conception, have been committed to providing better service than competitive principal contractors.
Looking at ways of reducing wasted time and mismanagement of projects, reducing on-project additional costs, proving our capability and compliance and in line with the industry requirements, improving the overall customer benefit and enabling consistent on-time & on-budget delivery of agreed projects and contracts.

Through ISO 9001 certification and utilising the streamlined management processes to improve day-to-day tasks and project management efficiencies, we provide the overall quality of our services and a consistently managed supply chain, proving we are following best practices and benefitting our clients.

Our dedication to Health and Safety, shown through our IS0 45001 Certification, lets clients know we are committed to Health & Safety risks, reducing them, and countering them to keep everyone and your businesses compliant and safe.

Reducing Linear Contracts’ environmental impact is essential to us, and our ISO 14001 accreditation proves our commitment to improving our company’s environmental awareness, reducing our carbon footprint and aligning ourselves with our industry and client’s requirements for reducing our sector’s impact on our environment.

At Linear Contracts, we are committed to continual assessment and improvement while providing a quality service and having the required accreditations, certifications and policies to benefit ourselves and our clients’ businesses.